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STUDIO NOVO is a concept by Chiyen Lam, Eline Groen and Melissa de Vos. Schiedam was the base of our concept. We researched the city and its empty spaces, to come up with a concept based on what Schiedam needs. There were a lot of pop up stores opening in the Hoogstraat in Schiedam, which was nice, but not for long. As soon as the pop up shop closes, the emptiness will fill up the space again. So with that in mind, we came up with the idea of a store - refreshing and renewable as a pop up store, with a monthly changing theme - that takes over the ‘steegjes van Schiedam’. In Amsterdam the Negen Straatjes are very popular and cosy, so we thought: why not bring that into Schiedam? 


The result of this concept is a collection, made by the three of us, based on the first monthly theme: the pomegranate. We presented our collection in one of the empty buildings at the Hoogstraat in Schiedam. We collaborated with many stores in the same street, to build up our store. We even had our own hand knitted and crochet shopping bags, made by Martine Scheide (


We’ve worked very hard on this project. We’re very proud of what we’ve done and what we’re capable of!





a concept by Chiyen Lam, Eline Groen & Melissa de Vos

Photo: Eileen de Bruyn Kops

Model: Jewaria Luu & Bas Peters

Tops and jacket: Melissa de Vos

Pants: Eline Groen

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