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FISK turns structural fishing waste into a new, high-end fashion product - shoes. Using salmon skins and scales that would normally end up in the bin, leather is created. The entire tanning and dye-process is harmless to the environment. The liquids from the tanning process can be reused and the dyes are natural. FISK hereby introduces these new materials as an alternative to the usual animal unfriendly and environmentally harmful leather.


This first collection of FISK consists out of 4 pairs of shoes. All of these shoes are made from or with the salmon skins and scales. FISK believes in transparency about its products. The shoes have different graduations on how sustainable they have been made. All elements of the shoes are designed with an ability to be taken apart - inspired by the ‘cradle to cradle’ concept. In this way recycling of the sole and upper shoe is made easy.

Read more about my graduation project in this interview with Groôs op Zeeland (click).

Art director: Melissa de Vos

Photographer: Florine van Rees

Model: Nola Kamps (Paparazzi Models)

Makeup/hair stylist: Kimberley Lau (Colourfool Agency)

Styling: Melissa de Vos and Chiyen Lam

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