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In a previous project I worked with the theme weightlessness in water. The feeling of the relaxed lightness of your body in the water. In quarter 8 I wanted to continue with that theme, but in a different way. More in a way of smoothness, comfort, breathing, streamlining, etcetera. I was thinking of a sportswear collection.

Between the aspects of sportswear and the properties of fishskin, there are a lot of similarities. that’s the reason why I want to work with fish skin. I chose to work with salmon, because its skin is a waste material and a very beautiful, sparkling skin with a lot of potential to work for fashion. 

The result is a collection based on breathing materials, such as knitwear from transparent fishing thread, neoprene and the salmon skin.

Photo: Carly Wollaert

Model: Luna Grigo

Muah: Oumnia Guigui

Designs: Melissa de Vos

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